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Grid to Ground Workshop


Coordinate Systems and Projections: Grid V. Ground Survey Workshop

When: February 15th, 2019
Time: 8:30 - 4:00
Location: Emily Griffith Technical College GIS Lab
1205 Osage St, Denver 80203

COST: $100

Lunch on your own, morning snacks and coffee will be provided.

Course Description:

Why are coordinate systems and projections important for GIS?  Spatially derived, analytics are dependent upon how well the data is projected onto a flat surface.  The amount of distortion in a projection, commonly referred to as Grid V. Ground, is an important consideration that plays a vital role in the accuracy of the GIS and especially spatially derived analytics.

The morning session of this workshop will take a comprehensive examination of geocentric reference frames, geodetic (global) coordinate systems such as Latitude and Longitude, state plane projections, localized ground projections, and the future of state plane coordinates in Colorado.  As well, we will cover the role that elevation (altitude) plays in increasing the amount of linear distortion in a projected coordinate system and the impact on the accuracy of spatially derived analytics in a GIS.  In the afternoon session, we will dig into ARC Pro to demonstrate these concepts and how to mitigate the effects.


The objective of the workshop is for the GIS user to gain a conceptual understanding of the impact coordinate systems, projections, reference frames, and elevations have on the quality of the analytics derived within a GIS.  The user will also gain an understanding of projection distortions, how to choose the most appropriate coordinate system for a particular GIS, and when to consult a geodetic or professional surveyor.

Instructor Bio:

John Hunter, PLS

Professional Land Surveyor with more than 20 years of public and private sector experience in Surveying and Geomatics disciplines including: Deformation and Monitoring, Boundary and PLSS Retracements, Control Network Design, Localized Coordinate Systems and Projections, and Geodetic Surveys.

John holds a B.S. in Business Management from Colorado State University, he is the Colorado Geomatics Coordinator for NOAA NGS, and a Project Surveyor at Denver Water, which has allowed him to manage surveying and geomatics projects that align with his areas of expertise.

Joey Stone

Joey Stone has over 16 years of high accuracy GNSS and GIS experience.  Currently he is the GNSS Coordinator for Denver Water and sits on the Colorado Geomatics Coordination Steering Committee. Joey focuses on integrating GIS databases with high accuracy land surveying practices.   He graduated from Colorado State University with a BS in Natural Resource Management and a minor in Forestry.


Presenter Contact Info:

John Hunter, PLS

Denver Water Project Surveyor: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

NOAA NGS Colorado Geomatics Coordinator: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

O: 303.634.3519 M: 720.883.6508


This class is now over. If you attended please check your email soon for a survey and your certificate. If you are interested, check back later for another offering.


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