Rocky Mountain URISA

The Association for GIS Professionals

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RM-URISA 2011 Upcoming Seminars and Workshops

Summer 2011

  • Beginning GIS – June 2011 (tentative)
    Looking for a “GIS for Dummies” workshop? Don’t know a vector from a raster? Think NAD stands for Namibian Dollar? This is the workshop for you. A whole day workshop split into an AM session introducing basic concepts of GIS and maps and a PM session with hands-on map making.
  • GIS and the Cloud – July 2011 (tentative)
    What is the Cloud, how does it work, is it safe? A view from the Technical, Administrative, and User perspective.
  • Working with Geodatabases
    Learn the difference between Personal, File, and Enterprise geodatabases, their benefits and shortcomings. Which is best for a particular application? How to build one and once it’s built, how to use it?Quick maps with
  • Google and/or Bing
    How to use Google and/or Bing to make a quick map without having to become a GIS expert.
  • Analyzing Census and American Community Survey Data in GIS – August 14, 2011
    AM session: Census Geography Basics, Selecting the Proper Data, Analyzing Census Data within GIS
    PM session: Hands-on Conducting Proximity Analysis using Block-Level Population Counts; Tracking Trends: Comparing Tract level Characteristics across Censuses; Thematic Map Representation of Census Variables

Fall 2011

  • Using GIS in the Classroom for Geography, Social Studies, History, Math, and Science

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